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Looking for a professional aircon cleaning service?

Dunn & Williams are your local experts in providing thorough and professional air conditioner cleaning. It's easy to overlook your AC when it comes to maintenance and cleaning.  However, it's an appliance that will greatly benefit from some TLC. Additionally, the occupants will also reap the benefits of healthy clean flowing air.

Another benefit of having a technical clean your air conditioner is the opportunity to locate any underlying problems that could require major repairs down the track. The bottom line is don't compromise the comfort of your family, friends, or employees by putting off cleaning your air conditioner.

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Signs your air conditioner needs cleaning

A dirty or poorly maintained air conditioner can lead to reduced efficiency, increased energy consumption, and poor indoor air quality. Regular cleaning, including maintenance, replacing filters, clearing debris, and scheduling professional inspections, can help keep your air conditioner functioning efficiently and extend its lifespan. Signs your air conditioner may need cleaning include:

AC being sanitised

Reduced Cooling Efficiency:

If you notice that your air conditioner is not cooling your space as effectively as it used to, it may be a sign that the coils or filters are dirty and restricting airflow.

Increased Energy Bills:

A dirty air conditioner has to work harder to cool your space, leading to increased energy consumption. If you see a sudden spike in your energy bills without a corresponding change in usage, it might be time to clean your AC unit.

Poor Airflow:

Insufficient airflow from the vents is a common sign of a dirty or clogged air filter. Reduced airflow can also lead to uneven cooling in different parts of your home.

Unpleasant Odours:

Foul or musty odours can indicate the presence of mould or bacteria in the system. Cleaning the unit and replacing filters can help eliminate these odours.

Visible Dirt and Dust:

If you notice a buildup of dust, dirt, or debris on the vents, around the indoor unit, or on the cooling coils, it's a clear sign that your air conditioner needs cleaning.

Ice Formation:

Ice forming on the evaporator coils is a sign of poor airflow or refrigerant issues. Both of these problems can be caused by a dirty or clogged air conditioner.

Strange Noises:

Unusual sounds like rattling, hissing, or banging can indicate various issues, including loose components or debris in the system. Cleaning the unit and checking for any loose parts can resolve these problems.

Allergies or Respiratory Issues:

If you or your family members experience an increase in allergy symptoms or respiratory issues when the AC is running, it could be a sign of mould or dust circulating in the air. Cleaning the unit and replacing filters can improve indoor air quality.

Water Leaks:

Moisture or water leaks around the indoor unit can be a sign of a clogged condensate drain. This can happen when dust and debris accumulate, hindering the drainage process.

Visible Mould or Mildew:

If you see visible mould or mildew on any part of the air conditioner, including the coils, vents, or ductwork, it's crucial to clean and disinfect the affected areas to prevent further growth.


Air conditioning systems we clean and sanitise

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We supply, install, repair and service leading AC brands:

  • Fujitsu Air Conditioning
  • Daikin Air Conditioning
  • Panasonic Air Conditioners
  • Kelvinator Air Conditioner
  • Mitsubishi Air Conditioning
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioners (MHIAA)
  • Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioner
  • LG Air Conditioner
  • Carrier Air Conditioning
  • Gree Air Conditioning
  • Haier Air Conditioning
  • Hitachi Air Conditioning
  • Samsung Air Conditioners
  • Rinnai Air Conditioner
  • Teco Air Conditioner
  • Toshiba Air Conditioner

Why choose Dunn and Williams for your air conditioning cleaning?

We are committed to delivering quality products and professional services, this is highlighted by the positive feedback and testimonials from our satisfied customers. Additionally, we offer:

  • Recommended repair and warranty agent for Dometic
  • Recommended caravan AC repairers
  • Fujitsu authorised partner
  • Quality products and warranties
  • Prompt and professional service
  • Respect for your property
  • Strict adherence to safety regulations
  • Free no-obligation quotes
  • Competitive prices

Professional air conditioning cleaning services

For all your air conditioner needs the qualified technicians at Dunn & Williams offer a comprehensive range of air conditioner services. To speak to one of our team phone 02 4421 8996 or complete our online booking form today