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Fujitsu is a leading supplier of air conditioning products in Australia, producing world-class, market-leading air conditioners for most Australian homes and commercial establishmentsFujitsu offers a cost-effective range of air conditioning systems for both residential and commercial applications including a designer range for modern interiors.

The extensive range of energy-efficient and well-designed air conditioners, guarantees they will be a system perfect to suit your personal needs and budget. Dunn and Williams proudly supply, cover installation, repair, and provide maintenance services for Fujitsu air conditioners.

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You can rely on Fujitsu for All-Year-Round Comfort

Dunn & Williams are your dedicated air conditioner specialists, we have provided comprehensive air conditioner services for well over 22 years. Our qualified technicians are skilled in all aspects of air conditioning and provide services for:

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  • Fujitsu Split System Air Conditioners

Split systems stand out as a more energy-efficient option in comparison to certain other air conditioning systems, making them a preferred choice for their adaptability. Particularly well-suited for cooling individual rooms or multiple spaces, they provide the advantage of independent temperature control in each zone.

Comprising an indoor unit and an outdoor unit, a split system air conditioner operates through connected refrigerant lines and electrical wiring. The indoor unit is typically installed within the targeted room or area for cooling, while the outdoor unit, known as the compressor, is positioned externally— commonly on a wall, roof, or on the ground. The compressor plays a crucial role in dissipating the heat absorbed by the indoor unit.

  • Fujitsu Multi-Split System Air Conditioners

A multi-split system air conditioning arrangement represents an expansion of the conventional split system. Similar to a standard split system, it includes an outdoor unit and multiple indoor units, yet it offers enhanced flexibility for cooling various zones or rooms within a structure.

Multi-split system air conditioners are a versatile and efficient choice for those seeking to cool multiple areas in a building while retaining individual temperature control for each space. The indoor units are installed in the desired rooms or zones and each unit has its evaporator, coil and fan. These units are either installed on a wall, ceiling or at times on the floor, which offers the added benefit of flexibility. The outdoor unit or compressor connects to the indoor units through refrigerant lines and electrical wiring.

  • Fujitsu Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning represents the epitome of air conditioning excellence, delivering unmatched precision for indoor temperature control and comfort. Fujitsu ducted AC system is not only efficient and cost-effective but it is also discreet, making it a highly valuable investment. The technology behind ducted air conditioning features a centralised cooling or heating system that efficiently disperses conditioned air throughout a building using a network of discrete ducts. These ducts also referred to as vents are installed in rooms that require temperature control. This HVAC system is an ideal climate control solution for large residential homes and commercial establishments.

  • Fujitsu Cassette Air Conditioners

A ceiling cassette air conditioner, alternatively referred to as a ceiling cassette or ceiling suspended air conditioner, is a specific type of air conditioning unit crafted for placement within the ceiling of a room. Commonly employed in commercial areas, offices, cafes, restaurants, and occasionally in residential environments, this type of air conditioner is tailored for overhead installation.

Dunn and Williams have the expertise to install cassette air conditioning. Our technicians undergo extensive training to manage the often more intricate installation procedures essential for commercial and industrial properties.

Fujitsu Air Conditioning Installations

Investing in the installation of an air conditioner is a decision you won't regret. Given the scorching Australian summers, being comfortable in our homes or offices is crucial. Dunn & Williams offers a diverse range of systems to suit most budgets, along with a prompt and efficient installation service.

Our team of air conditioner installers assesses your property to determine the optimal AC system and will provide a detailed price estimate before initiating any work.

Fujitsu Air Conditioning Repairs

Our skilled air conditioning repair team covers both caravan and property air conditioning. We will locate the problem and provide the most appropriate and cost-effective repair solution. Whether you're dealing with cooling, heating, or frequent cycling issues, we have the expertise to resolve the issues promptly.

Fujitsu Air Conditioner Regas

Regassing your AC unit is only required if there's a refrigerant leak, which can occur due to general wear and tear, pipe damage, or occasionally incorrect installation. It's important to note that merely adding refrigerant to the current system is not advisable. Instead, a full replacement of the refrigerant should be undertaken. Our refrigeration mechanic will thoroughly assess your system, determine the appropriate refrigerant, and replace it safely. Afterwards, your system will be set to the recommended temperature and pressure settings.

Signs your AC needs to be regassed

  • Unusual sounds coming from your outdoor unit
  • The aircon is blowing warm air, not cooling at all
  • A buildup of ice on the aircon pipes

Fujitsu Air Conditioning Service

When our technicians service your air conditioner you can have confidence that it's in capable hands. We have the expertise to maintain both split-system air conditioners and ducted air conditioning systems, using state-of-the-art techniques and high-quality components. Every aspect of your air conditioner will be inspected, and any identified issues requiring replacement or repair will be communicated to you before any additional work is undertaken.

Fujitsu Air Conditioning Cleaning

Our air conditioning cleaning services are available for both residential, business, and commercial clients. Regular AC cleaning is imperative as it will prevent costly repairs in the future, ensure your home or business enjoys a comfortable environment, and reduce energy bills. Our technicians understand the importance of keeping your AC system clean and free of dust and other invasive debris that can hinder the performance of your system. This includes the possibility of geckos nesting in the components of your AC. We will conduct a thorough cleaning of your AC system, ensuring nothing has been overlooked. Regular cleaning gives the technician the advantage of locating any potential mechanical problems and offering a solution before it becomes a more expensive issue. Cleaning your AC will extend its lifespan, ensure it delivers clean air, and improve its overall performance

Other leading AC brands we cover include

Why choose Dunn and Williams for your Air Conditioning needs?

We are committed to delivering quality products and professional services, this is highlighted by the positive feedback and testimonials from our satisfied customers. Additionally, we offer:

  • Recommended repair and warranty agent for Dometic
  • Recommended caravan AC repairers 
  • Fujitsu authorised partner
  • Quality products and warranties
  • Prompt and professional service
  • Respect for your property
  • Strict adherence to safety regulations
  • Free no-obligation quotes
  • Competitive prices
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For all your air conditioner needs the qualified technicians at Dunn & Williams offer a comprehensive range of air conditioner services to suit any application and budget. To speak to one of our team phone 02 4421 8996 or you can complete our online booking form today

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