Cassette Air Conditioning Installation, Repair and Servicing

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Cassette Air Conditioning Installation, Repair and Servicing

Wall-mounted split system air conditioners can be unsightly and inefficient in large rooms. They can clutter your walls or dominate wall space that could be used for hanging artwork or shelving to increase your home's storage. Do you want the efficient large room climate control abilities of a ducted aircon system but don’t want ducts or only need to cool one area? If you want to avoid the pitfalls of split wall-mounted systems but don't want ducting then ceiling cassette air conditioners are the system for you. Dunn and Williams are your go-to aircon technicians in the Shoalhaven, Shellharbour, Wollongong and Kiama areas. Our team can help with every facet of cassette air conditioning whether it's servicing, cleaning, repairing or installing we have a solution for you.

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Benefits of Ceiling Casset Air Conditioners

Cassette air conditioners combine the ease of installing and maintaining a split system with the cooling efficiency benefits a ducted system gets for being in the ceiling to create the ultimate split system air conditioner. Unlike a one-way wall-mounted split system that can only blow one direction ceiling cassettes are typically 4-way allowing them to better cover every part of a room. A cassette air conditioner much like a split system only requires slim refrigerant piping to connect the indoor and outdoor units compared to a ducted system that will require extensive amounts of ducting to be laid. As they are mounted in the ceiling they can sit virtually flush with the ceiling allowing for a discrete climate control system that doesn't demand attention like a wall-mounted split system would. A cassette air conditioner creates the perfect blend between a ducted and split system air conditioner.

4 Way Cassette Air Conditioner Installation

Complete Cassette Air Conditioner Services

Cassette Air Conditioner Installation

Cassette air conditioners are more technical to install and require more modification to be made to your home than a wall-mounted split system. They require a section of your ceiling to be removed and the system needs to be fastened to the structural supports of your roof to ensure safety. Therefore cassette air conditioners will only work in homes with adequate ceiling space and support to safely install the aircon. If your home doesn't meet these requirements you will have to install a wall-mounted split system or other wall-mounted AC systems. If you are unsure as to which air conditioner is best for your home contact our team today to book an air conditioner installation quote and one of our team will inspect your property to determine what system is best for your home and your needs. Our team are also an authorised Fujitsu air conditioning partner allowing us to easily source air conditioners and parts as well as ensuring every air conditioner is installed as it was intended to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of the system. Our team can also work with all major brands including:

Don't wait contact our team today to get your cassette air conditioner installed and take control of the climate in your home.

Your new cassette system may be compatible with a VRF system chat with our team about whether a more efficient VRF system could work with your home and cassette system.

Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner Service and Cleaning

Cassette air conditioning units much like all air conditioners can become breeding grounds for mould and mildew if not cleaned regularly. This build-up of muck and mould can reduce the efficiency and longevity of the system as well as blowing contaminant around your home risking the health and safety of its inhabitants.

Cassette Aircon Maintance and Regas

But how often should you have your system cleaned and serviced?

HVAC experts widely agree that to ensure your system is in top condition it should be cleaned and serviced once every 12 months in Australia. This allows a certified aircon technician to thoroughly inspect the system for any wear and tear or damage that can be affecting the efficiency of the system or could pose a risk to the health of the inhabitants or the environment (in the case of refrigerant leaks). As part of an annual service, our team will conduct the following:

  • Clean the cassette filters
  • Clean the fan and other components of the outdoor unit
  • Inspect the cassette for any damage
  • Test the thermostat and fans
  • Test refrigerant levels and test for and repair any leaks
  • Test electrical systems to ensure they are compliant with current safety standards

These allow a 360-degree inspection of your system to ensure it is operating safely and at its maximum potential so you get your money's worth.

Cassette Air Conditioning Repair

Whether it's your air conditioner not cooling or it's making a funny noise we have a repair solution for you. Our team have extensive experience with air conditioning and chances are they have repaired the same fault you are experiencing before allowing them to quickly diagnose and action the repair to get your air conditioner back to an operational condition as quickly as possible.

Cassette air conditioners are the perfect ducting alternative allowing for simple installation yet efficient cooling. Contact our team today to book your new cassette aircon installation. We have all your installation, maintenance and repair needs to keep your house cool and your cassette aircon working all year round.