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Looking for an Efficient Air Conditioner to Keep You Cool?

MHIAA air conditioning systems range has been designed specifically for Australian homes, leveraging 130 years of engineering expertise.

Dunn & Williams can help you with any air conditioning needs, whether it's an installation, repair, servicing and maintenance of your Mitsubishi Heavy Industries split system air conditioner, cassette systems or ducted air conditioning. Our HVAC technicians are highly trained and will make sure that your air conditioner is installed correctly.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries offers a variety of air conditioners to meet your cooling needs and reverse cycle requirements. Why settle for less? MHIAA air conditioners provide reliable, efficient and high quality cooling.

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MHIAA Air Conditioning Systems

At Dunn & Williams Air Conditioning, we are proud to be a supplier and installer of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning Systems. As one of Australia's leading companies in the industry, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioners offer premium residential and commercial air conditioning systems that are known for their high performance and highest quality.

With a 5 year full parts and labour warranty on all their air conditioning systems, you can trust in the reliability and durability of MHIAA products. In addition, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioners are known for their excellent efficiency, ensuring that you can stay cool and comfortable while saving on energy costs.

Our qualified HVAC technicians have extensive experience in the installation of MHIAA split system air conditioners, ducted systems, multi split systems, and cassette air conditioners. Whether you require supply, installation, servicing, cleaning, or repairs, Dunn & Williams Air Conditioning is here to provide you with exceptional service and support for all your air conditioning needs.

MHIAA split system air conditioner unit showing the flow of air throughout a room

MHIAA Split System Air Conditioners

MHIAA split system air conditioners are a top choice for split system air conditioning needs and Dunn & Williams are proud to offer our services in installing and maintaining these high quality units.

The MHIAA split system air conditioners consist of an indoor unit, which is expertly installed on an interior wall and an outdoor unit, which is strategically placed on an exterior wall of your home or business. With a range of capacities available, including both reverse cycle and cool only options, split system aircon units provide optimal comfort and climate control for any space.

What sets the MHIAA split system air conditioners apart is not only their performance but also their energy efficiency. Split system units are designed to be highly energy efficient, helping you save on your utility bills while also reducing your carbon footprint.

At Dunn & Williams, we have vast experience working with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioning systems and take pride in our ability to provide top notch installation services, as well as repairs and maintenance servicing for these systems. So whether you are looking to upgrade your current air conditioner or need expert assistance with a new installation, Dunn & Williams is here to help you make the most of your MHIAA split system air conditioner.

MHIAA ducted air conditioning system showing air flow throught ducts in a home

MHIAA Ducted Air Conditioning

MHIAA ducted air conditioning, offered by Dunn & Williams, provides a sophisticated and flexible solution for residential air conditioning. With its discreet design, the ducted air conditioning system can be concealed in your ceiling, ensuring a seamless integration with your home decor. The zoning system allows for precise and varied temperature control in up to 10 areas or rooms, providing personalised comfort for every member of your household.

One of the main benefits of MHIAA ducted air conditioning is its ability to distribute air throughout your home efficiently and effectively. This is made possible by the highly efficient compressor, which allows MHIAA air conditioners to deliver a higher motor efficiency while producing much less operational noise.

When it comes to installation, repairs, and maintenance servicing, Dunn & Williams are committed to providing exceptional service ensuring optimal performance and longevity of your air conditioning system. So, if you are looking for a discreet and efficient solution to keep your home cool and comfortable, MHIAA ducted air conditioning is the perfect choice.

MHIAA Cassette Air Conditioner

When it comes to cassette air conditioning systems, MHIAA is a name that stands out. With their innovative designs and superior performance, MHIAA cassette air conditioning units supplied and installed by Dunn & Williams are the ideal choice for both residential and commercial properties.

The sleek and slim profile of MHIAA cassette air conditioners makes them a popular option in the market. Not only do they provide powerful cooling and heating capabilities, but they also offer advanced features such as automatic operation mode and individual louvre control. This allows for precise temperature control and enhanced comfort. Additionally, MHIAA cassette air conditioning units are equipped with Clean Air technology, which effectively removes airborne dust and allergens, providing a healthier and cleaner indoor environment.

Whether it's for shops, offices, restaurants, or cafes, MHIAA cassette air conditioning systems offer a versatile AC solution. And if there's ever a need for installation, repairs, and maintenance servicing, Dunn & Williams' air con technicians are always there to provide expert assistance. With our expertise in MHIAA products, you can trust that your air conditioning needs will be met with professionally and reliably.

MHIAA Air Conditioning Service

At Dunn & Williams, we understand the importance of regular air conditioning servicing to maintain the efficiency, effectiveness and safe operation of your MHIAA air conditioning system. Neglecting proper maintenance can lead to costly repairs in the future or even a complete breakdown, necessitating the need for a replacement. To avoid such inconveniences and expenses, we recommend a comprehensive service on an annual basis.

Regular servicing not only helps to extend the lifespan of your aircon system but also ensures lower energy consumption, thus reducing your energy bills. Our qualified technicians will conduct a thorough clean and check of all components, ensuring they are free from dust, dirt, and debris that can impede the system's performance. We will also calibrate the thermostat, inspect the fan and blower, as well as clean the condenser and evaporator coils, which play a crucial role in the cooling process.

Safety is our top priority, which is why our service includes a safety check and refrigerant gas check. If necessary, we will replace the refrigerant to maintain optimal cooling performance. By entrusting your MHIAA air conditioning service to us, you can rest assured that your system will continue to operate efficiently, effectively, and safely. Don't be unsure about how to keep your AC system working at its best; let our experts handle it for you.


MHIAA Air Conditioning Cleaning

At Dunn & Williams, we understand the importance of keeping your air conditioning system clean and well maintained. That's why we offer professional MHIAA air conditioning cleaning services to ensure that your system stays in top shape. Regular cleaning of your air conditioner is essential to eliminate mould, bacteria, bad odours and dirt that can accumulate over time.

Not only does this improve the air quality in your space, but it also helps to extend the lifespan of your air conditioning system. Our expert technicians will clean the evaporative unit and the barrel fan, ensuring that all components are free from dust and debris. Additionally, we will perform an airflow test to make sure that your air con system is performing optimally. Trust Dunn & Williams' AC technicians for all your MHIAA air conditioning cleaning needs and enjoy clean, fresh air all year round.

MHIAA Air Conditioning Install

At Dunn & Williams Air Conditioning, we are proud to offer top quality MHIAA air conditioning install services. Our team of qualified aircon techs have vast experience in installing Mitsubishi Heavy Industries split systems, ducted and cassette air conditioning systems. We understand the importance of a professional installation when it comes to your air conditioner, as it can greatly impact its performance and longevity.

That is why we ensure that our installation services are carried out with the utmost precision and quality workmanship. When you choose Dunn & Williams as your air conditioner installer, you can trust that you are getting reliable and efficient services. So, whether you need a new air conditioner installation or a replacement for your old one, contact Dunn & Williams today and let our experienced team take care of all your MHIAA air conditioning installation needs.

Air conditioning technician servicing and cleaning a split system unit

MHIAA Air Conditioning Repairs

When it comes to reliable and efficient air conditioner repairs, Dunn & Williams is your go-to company. With our expertise in MHIAA air conditioning repairs, you can trust us to fix any issues you may be experiencing with your unit. Whether your air conditioner has become noisy or has a dripping indoor unit, or if it's not performing optimally and blowing warm air instead of a cool breeze, our skilled technicians are here to help.

At Dunn & Williams, we understand that a malfunctioning air conditioner can be a major inconvenience, especially during the hot summer months. That is why our vehicles are fully stocked with MHIAA spare parts, allowing us to perform repairs on the same day.

Our team will conduct a thorough inspection to diagnose the problem and perform the necessary repairs. However, if the repairs are not possible, we will advise you on an air con replacement that suits your needs. With Dunn & Williams, you can rest assured that your air conditioning system is in safe and capable hands.

MHIAA Air Conditioner Regas

If you've noticed that your air conditioner is blowing warm air instead of a cool breeze, it may be time for an MHIAA air conditioning regas. The refrigerant in your air conditioner is responsible for absorbing heat from the air, allowing it to produce cool air. However, over time, refrigerant leaks can occur, causing a lack of cooling efficiency. These leaks can be a result of pipe connections weakness, manufacturing faults or even issues with the installation.

At Dunn & Williams, our team of air conditioning experts can perform a thorough inspection of your air conditioning system, including gas leak detection and repairs. Once the leaks are fixed, we can regass your air conditioner, ensuring that it operates at peak efficiency.

It's important to note that proper maintenance servicing will avoid the need for your air conditioning system to be regassed, as the refrigerant levels will always be checked during a service. So, if you find yourself in need of an MHIAA air conditioning regas, trust Dunn & Williams with the job. We have the expertise and experience to get your air conditioner back in top shape, keeping you cool and comfortable all summer long.

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