VRF Air Conditioning Installation, Repair and Servicing

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VRF Air Conditioning Installation, Repair and Servicing

VRF or VRV (VRV is the trademarked name for Daikins VRF systems) are some of the most cutting-edge air conditioning systems and have many features that make them the perfect choice for domestic homes. Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) air conditioning systems allow for whole-home climate control from a singular outdoor system keeping the system discrete while still packing enough power to heat or cool your whole home. Have you ever needed to cool one room but heat the next due to the sun beaming in through a window? or do you not want to run ducting through your ceilings but still want the efficiency of a ducted system? Then a VRF system is for you. Dunn and Williams are your VRF air conditioning system specialists whether it's the installation or a repair of your existing system we can do it all.

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What is VRF air conditioning?

A variable flow refrigerant system is an air conditioning system that varies the refrigerant flow through it to ensure optimal efficiency. All air conditioners are built to run at a certain load however once the load starts to drop say your room gets to temperature the load will decrease and the refrigerant pressures within in the system will begin to change this can cause serious damage to the system. To combat this HVAC designers use one of three technologies:

  1. Cut-Out: as the load decreases the system will cut out to ensure pressures stay correct. This technique however can cause serious wear and tear on the system reducing its longevity.
  2. Circulation: as the load drops a solenoid opens and circulates the refrigerant until it is at the correct pressure. This is inefficient due to the condenser and system needing to run constantly while the inflowing refrigerant gets to the right pressure.
  3. VRF: When the load begins to lower the system will throttle slowing down to meet the load placed on the system keeping the refrigerant pressures at the right levels.

This makes VRV systems some of the most efficient air conditioners as they work to the load only using the energy they need to maintain the right temp in your home. This technology also allows VRF to do two main things other air conditioners can't do; Heat and cool different rooms simultaneously and heat recovery. This means that if this system was connected to two rooms one room could be heated, and the other room could be cooled this is not possible with a single non-VRF system. On top of this, the system could then use the heat pulled out of the cooling room to heat the other room allowing the outdoor unit to turn off cutting the running costs of the system. Making it one of the most efficient air conditioning systems on the market and the perfect choice for any large home. They also have the benefit of being able to utilise a wide variety of heads including:

  • Ceiling cassettes
  • Wall-mounted split system heads
  • Bulkheads
  • Ducted systems (depending on the unit)

This allows for flexibility as to what head will best suit each room or space in your home. Making a heat recovery VRF system the best air conditioner for large homes, duplexes, share-houses and multi-storey homes where different people will want or need different temperatures on their air conditioners. If you are tossing up between a split system or a VRF system read our article here to see which is best for you.

Licensed VRF Air Conditioner Installers

VRF Air Conditioning System Installations

VRF systems take special training and skills to install and can pose serious health risks to inhabitants if not installed correctly. But not to fret Dunn and Williams have an expert team of VRF specialists that will work closely with you to design and install the perfect VRF air conditioning system to meet your needs. Our team also offer the benefit of flexibility whether you want individual room control or a central controller we can set the system up for you. We are also an authorised Fujitsu partner meaning our team has an in-depth knowledge of their systems to help you select the best system for your home. This also means we can directly source your air conditioner through them and have been expertly trained to install the air conditioner to ensure longevity. On top of this, we are also able to undertake any warranty repairs your system may need and easily source parts. Contact our team today about your new domestic energy-saving VRF air conditioner, and we can help tailor a system for you and your home.

VRV and VRF Systems Repairs

VRF and VRV systems can pose a serious risk to a home's inhabitants or cause further damage to the system itself if a breakage or fault is not dealt with rapidly. The refrigerant gases used within an airconditioner pose serious environmental and health risks making it critical for the system to be kept in pristine condition. Dunn and Williams have a team of ARCtick-accredited technicians who can offer all your repair needs. Some of the repair services our team offers include:

  • Air conditioner regas
  • Aircon inspection
  • Air conditioning indoor and outdoor unit repairs
  • Leak detection
  • and much more

If you are having air conditioner troubles we have a solution for you contact our team today to book your VRF aircon repair.

VRF Air Conditioning Cleaning

Variable Refrigerant System Servicing

One of the best ways of ensuring your VRF HVAC system's longevity is to have it regularly serviced. Our team recommend your system be serviced every 12 months to ensure the system is in top condition. As part of an air conditioning service, our team offer the following:

  • Air Conditioner Clean
  • Calibration of the Thermostat
  • Leak inspection
  • Electrical system check
  • Check refrigerant levels and refill them if needed
  • Ensure the safety of the system
  • Inspect the whole system for damage or wear and tear

Having a regular aircon service will help ensure your system is functioning correctly as efficiently as it can. It also helps ensure your system is clean as the air conditioner can become breeding grounds for contaminants such as black mould, fungi, and other airborne pathogens that are blown down on the inhabitants of your home whenever the system is used.

Contact our team today to book your new variable refrigerant flow system installation in Shoalhaven, Shellharbour, Wollongong and Kiama and one of our expert licensed installers will tailor and install the system for you to meet your needs.