Floor Standing Air Conditioners Installation, Repair and Maintenance

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Floor Standing Air Conditioners Installation, Repair and Maintenance

Have you got large windows or limited wall space? Do you dislike the way they dominate wall space and detract from your decor? Floor standing air conditioners are the solution for you, unlike a conventional wall-mounted system that requires height to efficiently cool or heat a space a floor-standing air conditioner is mounted on the floor next to a wall or low on the wall allowing it to disappear into a space while still providing effective climate control in a smaller space. Dunn and Williams are your floor-mounted air conditioner experts in the Shoalhaven, Shellharbour, Wollongong, and Kiama areas whether it’s installation, repair, or maintenance we have a solution for you.

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What is a Floor Standing Air Conditioner

A floor standing split system air conditioner is similar to a conventional wall mounted split system where it has an outdoor compressor and an indoor condenser the main difference is unlike a conventional system that is mounted high on the wall a floor-mounted system is mounted on the floor or just above the skirting low on the wall similar to a space heater this allows for the system to blend better into a room and allows it to be placed under a window to maximise wall space. However, floor-mounted air conditioners are best suited to smaller rooms much like a wall mounted system as they only have one directional blower making them less effective and efficient in larger rooms, some options for large room air conditioning are ducted or cassette aircon systems. Floor standing air conditioners are best suited to smaller rooms or homes where wall space is a premium.

Floor Standing Air Conditioner

Floor Standing Split Air Conditioner Installation

Like wall-mounted split system air conditioners, floor standing air conditioners can greatly benefit from where they are installed. Our expert team of ARCtick licensed installers have extensive experience and training in installing all sorts of air conditioners allowing them to choose and install the system in a position that will suit you and maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of the system. we are also an authorised Fujitsu and Rinnai partner which means our team are expertly trained to install, repair and maintain Rinnai and Fujitsu residential air conditioning range. Our team however don't only work with Rinnai and Fujitsu our team can install and work with all leading brands including:

Our team understand air conditioners like the back of our hand and has an uncompromising pursuit of excellence and perfection we will work with you to install your floor standing air conditioner.

Floor Mounted Air Conditioner Repairs

Floor-mounted air conditioners, while generally reliable, can occasionally develop issues. Like any other appliance, regular use and age can take their toll, leading to malfunctions or reduced efficiency. In such cases, seeking professional repair services is essential to ensure the proper functioning and longevity of your unit. Our team of experienced technicians is equipped to handle a wide range of floor-mounted air conditioner repairs, from minor troubleshooting to major component replacements. With a commitment to delivering prompt and reliable service, we strive to minimise disruptions and restore your comfort as quickly as possible. Our team recommends an annual air conditioner service and cleaning to minimise your risk of pesky air conditioner breakdowns when you need it most.

Floor Mounted Air Conditioner Repair and Regas

Floor Standing Air Conditioner Servicing and Cleaning

Annual floor standing air conditioner maintenance is much like a car service it allows an expert technician the opportunity to inspect your system and make any repairs that are needed to keep the system running smoothly and breakage-free. Floor standing air conditioners due to the lower height of a floor mounted air conditioner unit can intake more dust and debris than a wall mounted air conditioner this can build up in the system and over time will block the system reducing its efficiency. The build-up of debris can also become a breeding ground for mould and other fungi that when the system is turned on will be spread around your home contaminating the air and any exposed surfaces such as kitchen benches or fruit bowls. An annual air conditioner service and clean will clean this debris out ensuring the longevity of the system and maximising its efficiency.