Bulkhead Air Conditioners Installation, Repair and Maintenance

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Bulkhead Air Conditioners Installation, Repair and Maintenance

With summers getting hotter and interior design trends starting to drift away from the sterile white walls, ceilings and floors the white wall-mounted split systems of yesteryear are becoming less and less desirable. They are bulky and dominate attention in an otherwise delicately curated space. Ducted aircons aren't for everyone they require roof space making them difficult and costly to install in two or more-story homes. This is where bulkhead air conditioners come in these air conditioners can sit above closets or in their custom-made ceiling bulkhead allowing for the system to blend effortlessly into your elegantly curated home. They provide the efficiency and effectiveness of a conventional split system with the discrete inwall/ceiling design of a ducted system to create the ultimate modern home designer's aircon.

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What is a Bulkhead Air Conditioning System

Bulkhead air conditioning systems are the ultimate air conditioners for homes with no roof space for a ducted system and don't want an unsightly split system cluttering their walls. But what are bulkhead air conditioners and what makes them so good? 

Bulkhead air conditioners are in-ceiling air conditioners however unlike a ducted system that blows down a bulkhead split system blows out to the side. Therefore, a bulkhead air con is typically installed in a box built into a wardrobe or wall and covered in plaster. This allows for the system to sit perfectly in homes with minimal roof space. The system then uses a series of rectangular vents to blow the cooled air out into the room. These systems are perfect for new homes with multiple floors or flat roofs and can be set up in a single-split or multi-split whole-home climate control system.

Bulkhead Air Conditioning Installation

Bulkhead air conditioners are not just bolt-on-the-wall systems and do require a team with expert tools and techniques to correctly and efficiently install a system. That is where Dunn and Williams can assist you, our team of ARCtick licensed HVAC technicians are expertly trained to install bulkhead air conditioners and can work closely with you to design and install a residential bulkhead air conditioning system that will suit you and blend in seamlessly with your home. When paired with a VRF system a bulkhead air conditioner can become one of the most efficient air conditioners on the market talk to our team when booking your installation about how a VRF system could work for your home. Our team is also an authorised Fujitsu Air Conditioning Partner, which allows us to easily source any units or parts needed to install the unit. This also ensures that our team installs the unit precisely as Fujitsu intended, maximising the system's longevity and efficiency. Bulkhead air conditioners are not only a great choice for new homes but can also be installed in existing homes to provide a more efficient and aesthetically pleasing cooling solution.

Bulkhead Air Conditioner Repairs

During the sweltering summer heat, nothing can be more frustrating than when your air conditioner unexpectedly breaks down. Bulkhead air conditioners, often tucked away in confined spaces, are challenging to repair due to their compact design. Fixing these systems requires specialized techniques and an in-depth grasp of bulkhead air conditioning. To restore your system's functionality, Dunn and Williams offer a team of punctual and highly skilled bulkhead aircon repair specialists. To avoid unexpected breakages ruining your summer our team recommends annual system maintenance services.

Bulkhead Air Conditioner Maintenance and Cleaning

Bulkhead system filters can become clogged with dust and other debris after a long summer. This debris can hold onto moisture during the cooler months creating a breeding ground for mould and other pathogens that when the next summer comes around will be primed and ready to spread their spores all over your home. The accumulation of this debris in the air conditioner can reduce efficiency and increase electricity consumption, increasing your next electricity bill. To keep your bulkhead unit clean and running efficiently air conditioning technicians widely recommend you have your air conditioner cleaned annually to ensure it is working as it should and keep your home safe. Regular maintenance will not only reduce the risk of your system breaking during the middle of summer but will also extend the longevity of the system saving you in the long run. Dunn and Williams’ air conditioning technicians annual maintenance typically include the following:

  • Air conditioner cleaning
  • Inspect the bulkhead systems for any wear and tear
  • Inspect the outdoor unit for any damage or wear and tear
  • Test the refrigerant levels and regas the system if needed
  • Test the indoor thermostat
  • Inspect toe electricals and ensure the safety of the system

Bulk head air conditioning requires specialist tools to clean and maintain due to the system's placement and little space around it. Dunn and Williams are your expert team of bulk head air conditioning maintenance and cleaning specialists in the Shoalhaven, Shellharbour, Wollongong and Kiama area.

Bulkhead Aircon Maintance

Dunn and Williams offer a comprehensive range of bulkhead air conditioning services, including installation, repairs, maintenance, and cleaning. Their team of ARCtick licensed HVAC technicians are expertly trained to handle all aspects of bulkhead air conditioning, ensuring efficient and aesthetically pleasing cooling solutions for both new and existing homes. With a focus on punctuality, expertise and customer experience Dunn and Williams is dedicated to keeping your bulkhead air conditioner running smoothly and efficiently all year round. Whether you're looking for a new installation, repairs, or regular maintenance, Dunn and Williams have the expertise and experience to meet your needs.